Quality and experience

Our high quality consciousness determined all working steps: starting with the purchase of the raw materials to mould tooling, the foundry (die casting shop), post-finishing to delivery of the final products.

Our quality management system is characterized by a customer-oriented process, legal requirements and consciousness responsibility for quality through training and motivation and continuous improvement of our services for the benefit of our customers.

The implementation of a quality management system was just one step, but not the final one to develop our services. Our QA department is always concerned to optimize and improvement of the existing quality management system to become more efficient and quality conscious. Further steps are the implementation of a lean, practical, easy to use, efficient and paperless quality management system.

All employees act according to these principles and, hence, ensure quality.

Latest trade price of zinc alloy

Initiative Zink

Diecast at its best: 1st prize European zinc die-casting competition in 2010 in the category of "Advanced Technology"