Products and services

Siegfried Müller Zinc Die Casting satisfies the needs of our customers by using the latest technologies. Renowned international companies from different industries have been amongst our satisfied and loyal customers for many years:

  • instrumentation and sensor
  • automotive
  • machinery equipment and engineering
  • furniture
  • electrical
  • electronics and telecommunications
  • lighting industry
  • house hold appliances
  • medical sector
  • drive and gear technology
  • sanitary industry
  • building Hardware
  • pneumatic and hydraulic industry

On request, we will send you an excerpt from our reference list of customers and get into contact with the responsible contact persons. Please feel free to contact us.

All manufacturing steps are possible: from simple naked zinc die casted part up to the machined, surface-treated, complex, ready-assembled module. The level of vertical integration is well defined with our customers.

The zinc die castings are manufactured according to high-quality and efficient production standards for our customers. Our long tradition and expertise in all areas of the zinc die casting technology is a guarantor.

Latest trade price of zinc alloy

Initiative Zink

Diecast at its best: 1st prize European zinc die-casting competition in 2010 in the category of "Advanced Technology"