Zinc - an innovative and valuable material ...

Our experienced engineers and technicians are dealing for years intensively with the zinc alloys and their properties and applications. Both, zinc alloy as material and the hot-chamber casting process, are always subject to new developments.

Although zinc is associated – due to its high density - with heavy weight, zinc alloys are an exciting and interesting material.

You are looking for ....

  • components with superior mechanical strength?
  • complex geometries and shapes?
  • thin-walled components (up to 0.5mm thickness) with high stiffness and torsional rigidity?
  • varied surface coatings?
  • surface coatings with high requirements regarding appearance and feel?
  • low-cost inexpensive die castings?
  • components with excellent corrosion properties?
  • valuable quality design with a feel and appearance?
  • precision parts with close tolerances and dimensional accuracy?
  • products with high repetition accuracy?
  • complex housing with electromagnetic shielding (EMI-interference)?

No problem ... Our designers and engineers support you actively for the construction of new die casting components based on innovation, creativity and experience. Even in case of unusual and crazy ideas ... always at the limit of what can be done. Although this sometimes requires to pursue unusual paths.

Think Zinc!

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Initiative Zink

Diecast at its best: 1st prize European zinc die-casting competition in 2010 in the category of "Advanced Technology"