We offer zinc die castings in its best shape

The service doesn’t start only with production. At the development and design stage of a new product, we already try to support our customers with our extensive know-how. After the feasibility study, our construction engineers and consultants work closely together with our customers to successfully develop new products. It is important to get in the early design phase, a project which is suitable to cast. We comply with the customer demands which are translated into optimal solutions. Our offer is varied and flexible responding to all customer specific requirements. Semi-finished zinc die castings are subject to a different post-finishing operation performed on product-specific special equipment. The supply of zinc die casting components with whatever surface finish or in an pre-mounted assembly is assure by qualified and competent partners. We see ourselves as a "full service" provider. The degree of vertical integration is always defined by the customer.

The mould – origin of all creative work

Special care is dedicated to the mould tooling. The quality of the finished parts is mainly influenced by the quality and design of the mould. High accuracy and extended die life time assure cost-effective production of zinc die casting components. High level of performance and expertise of our designers and mould makers are important when converting drawings into prototypes or the final die casting moulds.

Our modern mould tooling department with modern equipment is able to get your drawings by long distance data transfer. We work since many years with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire supporting most formats of the major CAD package software.

The regular maintenance and appropriate storage of moulds allows us to ensure immediate and long-term readiness-for-use of existing moulds. More than 3000 different moulds are safely stored in our mould warehouse. Short-term orders or special individual requirements can be processed within a very short time frame.

The casting brings the product to life

The high quality standard of our zinc die castings is particularly is assured by the use of the most modern zinc die casting machines. Computer-controlled equipment process high grade zinc alloys (according to EN1774) using hot-chamber technology. Innovative two-chamber furnaces assure stable bath temperature and bath level in the crucible. The monitoring of our zinc die casting machines is assured through display screen control. Additionally, all important casting parameters are continually controlled and monitored. This to assure a cost-effective, high-quality output i.e.:

  • mechanical strength
  • excellent surface finish
  • ultra thin wall casting
  • sound microstructure with reduced porosity
  • tight tolerances and dimensional stability
  • reduced or short cycle time
  • no or minimum post-finishing operation
  • high repeating accuracy

The finishing gives the product its character

The customer gets everything from one single source. On special demand we will provide the ready for use finished product. After the casting, the parts are processed defined by the specific customer requirements: trimming, deburring (manually, thermal or on a trimming press), vibration grinding, sand or shot blasting or grinding. We take care to the smallest features when it comes to fine-tuning finishing and machining. By means of special-purpose machines we carry out simultaneous operations, even for zinc die casting parts with high requirements in dimensional and shape accuracy. In co-operation with a longstanding proven network of external specialists and subcontractors, we are able to supply any surface finish to satisfy any special requirement:

  • decorative appearance
  • additional corrosion protection
  • Increased wear resistance

Latest trade price of zinc alloy

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Diecast at its best: 1st prize European zinc die-casting competition in 2010 in the category of "Advanced Technology"