Your partner since 1948 for zinc die casting components

1948: foundation of Siegfried-Müller Druckguss by Mr Müller and the design and construction of the first die casting machine

1951: one of the first zinc die casting shops in Ruhr-Rhein area

1970: purchase of the company building at its current location, Industriestr. 32, 42551 Velbert

1981: unexpected death of the second Manager, Siegbert Müller at the age of 31 years

1983: 1st prize winning award German zinc die casting competition, category "best new development or conversion": "drive belt wheel"

1989: death of the founder Siegfried Müller. Takeover of the management by his wife, his daughter and his son-in-law

1990: specialization of the product range to high-quality castings

1995: increase of production surface (900m² to 2500m²)

1996: certification 9001:2001

1999: 2nd prize winning award German zinc die casting competition, category "best new development or conversion": "16x16 clamp for releasably connecting profiles"

2005: Expansion of the mold 750m², moving into own hall, Industriestr. 30

2010: 1st prize winning award European zinc die casting competition category "Advanced applications": "Galileo's Bite Holder"

2012: Purchase of a neighboring building. Now over 3.000m² production area

2014: 1st prize of the Zinc Diecasting Competition of the Zink Initiative and the receipt of a special prize

2014: Certification according to ISO 50001

2015: Commissioning of a 125t and a 315t die casting machine with a real-time control and purchase of the machines Frech W20 and W125 which were exhibited at the GIFA in Düsseldorf by the company Frech. These are equipped with the latest technology that Frech has to offer, including the Frech Gating System, which allows low-circulation casting

2016: Construction of a new warehouse

2018: Purchase of a 200t die casting machine with real-time control and a Brother machining center

June 2018: Move into the new office building Langenbergerstraße 149

2019: Purchase the third 125t die casting machine with real-timecontrol

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Initiative Zink

Diecast at its best: 1st prize European zinc die-casting competition in 2010 in the category of "Advanced Technology"